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Planning Your Legacy

The legal term probate is generally defined as "the legal process of administering the estate of a deceased person” — and usually not something you want your loved ones to go through after you’re gone. Here are some steps to take to help streamline (or possibly even avoid) a lengthy and often costly probate process .

The goal of probate is to determine who should get the property, assets or inheritance a deceased person has left behind, and usually involves:

One question a lot of people ask is, “What’s the maximum size an estate can be to avoid probate?” While the laws on how much the estate can be worth vary by state, if your estate is relatively small you may not have to worry about going through probate.

That’s because most states have streamlined probate for smaller or uncomplicated estates — nike air max qtssports
. In these cases, settling the estate can be a quick and relatively painless experience. There are two basic kinds of probate shortcuts for small estates:

If the total value of all the assets (except real estate) left behind is less than a certain amount, the estate's inheritors may be able to skip probate entirely. The exact amount depends on state law, which varies considerably.

If the estate qualifies, an inheritor can prepare a short document stating that he or she is entitled to a certain item of property under a will or state law. This paper, signed under oath, is called an affidavit. When the person or institution holding the property (such as a bank where the deceased had an account) receives the affidavit and a copy of the death certificate, it releases the money or other property.

Another option for small estates is a quicker, simpler version of probate. The probate court is still involved, but it exerts far less control over the settling of the estate . In many states, these procedures are straightforward enough to handle without a lawyer, so they save money as well as time.

Keep in mind that each state defines the term “small estate” differently. Because of the way the laws are written, however, many large estates, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars are eligible for special transfer procedures that speed property to inheritors.

Thursday Forum

Coe College invites you to participate in the Thursday Forum, a program for adults who want to extend their knowledge in an academic setting.

Most Thursday Forum lectures are held in Kesler Lecture Hall of Hickok Hall on the Coe campus.

Each session begins with registration and refreshments from 8:45-9:15 a.m., followed by the class until 11:30 a.m. The class meetings blend lecture, media such as film and music, and discussion. An optional luncheon is offered at the conclusion of the series.

Admission to the entire four-week course can be purchased for $35 on the first day or in advance. Admission to the individual lectures is $12 per week. The closing luncheons cost an additional $8.

Payment can be made in personon Thursdaymornings by cash or personal check. Credit card payments can be processed online only. nike womens free bionic reviews
.To order gift certificates, call 319-399-8523.

Clickhere to pay by credit card or directly from your checking account

In the event of inclement weather, consult local media outlets to find out if the day's Thursday Forum will take place.

Thursday Forum participants may park for free in any Coe parking lots, provided spaces are available. Given the high demand for on-campus parking, you may want to consider carpooling or public transportation.

Greece and the Persian Wars: The Good, The Bad And The "Other" September 7, 14, 21, 28Angela Ziskowski,Assistant Professor of History

Greece and the Persian Wars: The Good, The Bad And The "Other"

The Idea of Kingship October 5, 12, 19, 26Bob Drexler, William P. and Gayle S. Whipple Professor Emeritus of English

The Idea of Kingship

The Scientific Revolution and the Renaissance November 2, 9, 16, 30Mario Affatigato,Fran Allison and Francis Halpin Professor of Physics

The Scientific Revolution and the Renaissance

Diversity in Dance: The Dieman-Bennet Dance Studio in Cedar Rapids December 7Jane Nesmith,Assistant Professor of Rhetoric

Diversity in Dance: The Dieman-Bennet Dance Studio in Cedar Rapids

Want to send a "Get well soon" letter to Savannah?

Where Original Story:

BETTENDORF-- A sledding hill has kids laughing and having fun. But mom Sasha Zaehringer and her 12-year-old daughter Savannah will never think of the snow covered slope the same.

"On Saturday she went sledding with a friend," says Sasha.

Savannah was sledding off of 23rd Street in Bettendorf when she hit a fence.

"She hit it, and from now we know her foot got caught in it, and she went under it because she was going so fast," says Sasha.

The pain hit instantly.

"She was screaming and crying, and she's really tough. She's my tough girl so I knew something wasn't right," says Sasha.

Sasha rushed Savannah to a local hospital. After hours of waiting for results, Savannah's foot went numb. Doctors said Savannah had Compartment Syndrome, something very rare in kids.

"It was such a bad break that it cuts off all blood supply and circulation to the leg. Her leg was dying," says Sasha.

She was then airlifted to University of Iowa Children's Hospital with the clock ticking to save her leg.

"You have a limited time frame. You have to surgically fix it. If you don't get it in that window, your leg dies," says Sasha.

After more than eight hours in surgery, Savannah miraculously still has both legs. But the road to recovery is far from over.

"They don't know, at this point, if they'll be able to save her leg because of how extensive, they told me a little bit ago it's critical," says Sasha.

But if there's one thing this mom knows about her tough as nails daughter, it's this.

"No matter the outcome, she knows no matter what how amazing and how strong she is, and that she can do anything that she puts her mind to," says Sasha.

Savannah is awaiting her second surgery Monday evening. From there, she will have to have multiple more. Doctors still need to assess nerve, muscle and artery damage. She's expected to be in the hospital for at least three weeks.

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