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Breathe new life into yesterday’s leftover roast veg—make a savory pot de crème. With just a few adaptations to a classic dessert recipe, Seattle pop-up chef team Brothers Co. have transformed leftovers into something truly special. Now this is how we want to get our daily serving of vegetables.

, about 8 yolks

, optional

Before We Begin

How long can I keep these pots de crème in the fridge? They can stay in the refrigerator for up to one week. Frankly, though, we think they’ll disappear long before that.

How long can I keep these pots de crème in the fridge?

How can I play around with the flavor of these pots de crème? Experiment with other leftover roasted veggies you have on hand. We bet a bright purple pot de crème made with roasted beets would be at least as tasty as it is beautiful.

How can I play around with the flavor of these pots de crème?

I’m low-key worried about my mason jar breaking. Does this happen? There is a chance a glass jar will break—but we promise, you’ll be okay if it does. Mason jars can crack when you close them too tightly or use them too many times. Take a second to think: When did you last buy new mason jars? If your jars are older than your middle schooler, consider investing in some new glass. Otherwise, be sure to close them “fingertip tight”—instructions on that below!—and you’ll be good to go. If one breaks, your water will turn murky, but don’t sweat it. Just take that one out and let the others keep on cookin’. Can’t tell which one broke? No big deal there either. Just leave them all in until the cook time is up and figure it out once they’ve had a chance to cool.

I’m low-key worried about my mason jar breaking. Does this happen?

Remember, the water in your pot will get hot enough to cook your food—treat your work surface accordingly! Place a trivet beneath the pot to help protect your countertop, or use whatever precautions you normally would when exposing your counter to a dish, pot, or pan you just removed from the oven or stove.

Heat heavy cream in a saucepan over medium heat until it is almost simmering.

Gently crack one egg and separate the two halves over a bowl. Move the yolk back and forth between the two halves until all of the white has slipped into the bowl. Repeat with the remaining eggs.

You can use the extra whites to make this awesome nike air force 1 low premium 08 qs pearl collection clothing

Our mission is to make science a cultural activity . We spend our time developing programs to prototype our ideas for hardware, software, media which support scientific investigation.

Our Work

We’re always looking for sandboxes where we can explore novel ways of supporting playful, scientific investigation—and developing the tools and materials that requires. Got a lead on something that might interest us? Let us know !

Over the past year we’ve been working with the City of Somerville—along with local families, businesses, and institutions—to develop a proposal for a new high school in Somerville, an Innovation School extending the themes behind sprout’s work: project-based learning, computational thinking, and a deep integration with the community. Our prospectus was unanimously approved in the summer of 2012, and we’re now in the midst of developing the more detailed nike’s new air jordan 11 retro legend blue shoes
for submission early 2013.

Inspired by the community events of Great Small Works , this dinner theater series brings people together around food, music, performance united by a monthly theme. Seeking to blur the line between art and academia, the series asks academics to approach their lectures as performance and puppeteers to cast their theater as pedagogy. Each month, we bring folks together around a program of presentations performances which at their best help us understand a piece of everyday life from a new perspective.

Inspired by works like Braitenberg’s original nike air max 90 infrared release
and Schrödinger’s air jordan 6 black red 2010 kia
, sprout’s Signs of Life , asks participants to explore what it means for something to be “alive.” We do this by prototyping projects which are alive (in one way or another)—whether that’s robots responsive to feedback or simulations incorporating evolutionary computation . Participants work with media ranging from nike free 3 flyknit lunar
and Scratch to arts crafts supplies to nike free trainer v7 nfl seahawks
and Arduino to bring their creations to life.

sprout grew from our collective desire for rich, social learning experiences. That desire has become a driving interest in the design of tools media to support creative, scientific investigation. Interested in working with us? Let us know!

Or Use Timing.

Stop guessing how you spend your time,and focus on doing your best work instead.

focus on doing your best work

Timing observes how you use your Mac and categorizes your activities.You see how you spent your time and how productive you were,with a great timeline that shows when you did what .It even automatically recognizes blocks of time that belong together!

Need to enter time manually? Timing supports that, too —with the added benefit of tracking when you are most productive.

And if you need to bill clients, Timing lets you generate great reports.

Timing's smart timeline shows you exactly what you did at any given time, including which app, document or website you were using.

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— just click the '+' button to assign a whole block at once!
This lets you assign many hours of tracked time in just a few seconds.It even works for times when you didn't use your Mac, so you can easily add meetings!

And it even makes suggestions for blocks of time that belong together — just click the '+' button to assign a whole block at once!

Timing already comes with several pre-defined categories. But when that's not enough, simply drag and drop activities to assign them . It doesn't get any more intuitive than this.

Timing's dashboard gives you a great overview of how your time is distributed accross your apps and projects.

It even shows when you are most productive, so you know when you do your best work.

Over the last 30 years of using a Mac I’ve tried a plethora of different time tracking applications, and without a doubt, Timing is my favorite one.I love that it’s unobtrusive (if you want it to be) yet very detailed in it’s collection of data about what apps and documents you are using. I love that I don’t have to “start tracking” like so many other time tracking apps make you do.

Timing is really unobtrusive, it just works, in the background. No hassle with manual input of data, no allocating to projects, it just records all my work. And when you need to know what you’ve done it’s there, all my hours, by project, by period.Really valuable for me, being self employed and doing a ton of things per day, in the evening, in the weekends. Now I can make my hours billable.

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