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Americans deserve open, honest, accountable government.

We’re working to deliver it.

Tired of dysfunctional government? We don't blame you. It’s easy to get discouraged by special interest politics and partisan gridlock. But don't let your discouragement become apathy.

We know how to fix our democracy. It starts with putting an end to partisan redistricting, limiting the undue influence of money in elections, encouraging broad voter participation, and ensuring diverse, accessible, and accountable media. This is how we fix our democracy, and this is exactly what Common Cause Massachusetts wants to work with you to achieve.

Join us in saying “No!” to our gerrymander rigged, big money political system, and “Yes!” to open, honest, and accountable democracy.

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Common Cause works on the following issues in Massachusetts.

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Automatic Voter Registration

Let's bring automatic voter registration to Massachusetts! air jordan 1 mid black black dark grey lRHgV

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Automatic Voter Registration is gaining momentum, but it needs your help. Use your local papers to tell your representatives how important democracy reform is to you! Learn More ›

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Even in these divided times, Americans should be able to agree that foreign interests should not be able to influence our political system by pouring money into elections. Under current law, foreign governments and citizens are forbidden from spending money in state elections. Yet a gap in the law allows foreign money to enter our politics through political spending by corporations. A new bill in Massachusetts would close that loophole. nike air max penny 1 white varsity red fours


14 Beacon Street, Suite 811 Boston, MA 02108


Why did you visit our site today? Did you find what you were looking for? If you could change anything on this page, what would you have us do? How did you first hear about Common Cause?

Fuel Up to Play 60

The WellPoint Foundation invests in domestic initiatives that help improve the lives of people and the health of local communities. The Foundation promotes healthy behaviors, health-risk prevention, and healthy environments. Focus areas include childhood obesity prevention.

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From where I sit, you couldn�t find a more appropriate name than SPARK for this impressive program. Since bringing it to my site four years ago, I have watched it �spark� energy and enthusiasm in a...

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Teachers... have reported that their classes run more smoothly, students don�t feel isolated, and behavioral problems have already reduced because the students get active quickly and don�t have time...

I enjoyed one of the most rewarding workshops ever! This high school program completely turned my teaching strategies around. Since school began in September, I have used teaching strategies from...

SPARK is a research-based organization that disseminates evidence-based Physical Education , After School , air jordan retro 13 authentic
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programs to teachers and recreation leaders serving Pre-K through 12th grade students.

Each SPARK Program strives to foster environmental and behavioral change by providing a coordinated package of evidence-based curriculum, on-site staff development, lifetime follow-up consultation, and content-matched equipment.

Since 1989, SPARK has provided curriculum materials, teacher training, and consultation to over 100,000 teachers and youth leaders, representing many thousands of schools, organizations, and agencies worldwide.

Visit the Resources section of this website for FREE tools including PE lesson plans for elementary physical education , middle school physical education , nike air max tn black 2007 528
and other physical education resources . You'll also find information on preschool physical education , after school activity ideas and resources for coordinated school health programs .


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